Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island

Oliver Hazard Perry October 2014
Oliver Hazard Perry October 2014

29 Touro Street
Newport, RI 02840
United States
41° 29' 23.3412" N, 71° 18' 52.1748" W

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will be Rhode Island's brand new tall ship, providing our state with a 200-foot long, full rigged Sailing School Vessel to join the select fleet of Class-A size Tall Ships hosted by the maritime nations of the world. With this extraordinary ship we can provide education-at-sea programs to youth of all ages while proudly advancing the Ocean State's rich maritime heritage. The ship is due to be complete in early 2015, with programs scheduled for the summer of 2015. September 2014 marked an exciting milestone, as all three masts were stepped. Above decks a crew of riggers is working to complete the standing and running rigging, while electricians, welders, plumbers and other craftsman are working below decks to complete the ships interior. Equipment for the galley will be installed in December, and many of her 49 bunks are already in place. The ship is named for Newport's War of 1812 naval hero Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. Once completed, SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will be owned and operated in trust for the people of Rhode Island and all of her supporters by Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island (OHPRI). She will be based in Newport, serve America and sail the world as an ambassador of our proud state. The success of the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry relies on the generosity of donors and supporters, both large and small, from individuals and businesses to students and corporations, so please consider making a generous gift or donation today.